At Naomi Fitness Design are here to provide premium, fully customizable solutions that perfectly fit your specific requirements. Whether it's the design, color, workout stations, or dimensions, your vision comes to life in every project we do. 

The industry is a storm of fast-paced evolution, with new trends and technologies appearing at breakneck speed. We are continuously evolving, focusing heavily on research and development. This ensures our equipment remains modern, always providing a top-tier user workout experience.

Our goal isn't just to keep pace with changes in the fitness industry but to be a driving force behind them. We don't just respond to trends. We set them.

Dive into a world where fitness equipment is no longer just about steel and weights but about innovation, adaptability, and creating unparalleled experiences. At NAOMI FITNESS DESIGN, we understand the evolving needs of the fitness landscape and have crafted a product range that is not just diverse but also deeply customizable.

Begin your journey with the NAOMI CUBE, a versatile workout hub that's the embodiment of flexibility. With over 50 distinct modules, it's a centerpiece that evolves with your vision. For those passionate about boxing or suspension training, our NAOMI SUSPENSION / BOXING product range offers a dynamic rail system, ensuring every punch and pull is unique to the user.

Delve deeper and explore the NAOMI FUNCTIONAL BAYS product range and NAOMI POWER RACKS, designed with the modern athlete in mind. Whether you're setting up for your team training session or need a reliable power rack, we've got you covered. For those who dare to be different, the NAOMI CHAMELEON LINE product range offers a fitness solution that adapts, transforms, and evolves, ensuring each workout is as unique as the user.

But why limit fitness to indoor spaces? With the NAOMI OUTDOOR range, transform any open space into a fitness sanctuary, be it a park or a rooftop. And for those who envision a holistic fitness solution, our NAOMI GYM SET-UP is a testament to our commitment to understanding and reflecting your brand's identity in every piece of equipment.

At NAOMI FITNESS DESIGN, it's not just about selling equipment; it's about forging partnerships. Our global footprint, commitment to quality, and emphasis on innovation make us the preferred choice for distributors. We're not just responsive to market trends; we set them. As we continuously evolve, focusing on research and development, we invite you to be part of this journey. Let's redefine fitness, one custom piece at a time.



A cube, simple in form but infinite in possibilities, stands ready to revolutionize your gym's environment. With our adaptable modular design, each cube is meticulously crafted to embody your distinct vision, ensuring a harmonious blend with your brand's identity.

Boasting over 50 unique workout modules, the NAOMI CUBE challenges conventional design, offering a fitness hub that's both innovative and efficient. Designed for group sessions accommodating up to 20 participants, this cube isn't just a piece of equipment – it's a transformative experience. Its versatile design allows placement in the heart of your gym floor or snugly against a wall, optimizing your workout space. With the NAOMI CUBE, we're setting new standards in fitness facility design.


Dive into the exhilarating world of group boxing with our bespoke Boxing Rail System. Crafted with flexibility in mind, this unique setup lets you effortlessly move the boxing bags aside when you're keen to switch things up with TRX or any other suspension training systems.

The flexibility doesn't end there. Need more space for intricate boxing routines? Easily integrate additional bridges or bays, ensuring your training remains unbounded. With the freedom to select colors, embed your logo on each bag, and choose from an array of functional training accessories, you're in control of crafting a truly personalized fitness environment.  With the NAOMI Suspension/Boxing system, the only limit is your vision.


Begin with the fundamental frame structure, customizable to align perfectly with your desired functional gym layout. Watch as it evolves from a Power Rack into a comprehensive workout bay.

Our system's extensive array of add-ons ensures every training requirement is met. The modular nature empowers you to modify components, crafting an ideal training ambiance. The potential is boundless, from ball stations and strength units to weightlifting platforms and varied storage options, pull-up bars, w. Every design aspect focuses on personalization, maximizing your equipment's utility.

With NAOMI FITNESS DESIGN, the spotlight is on adaptability, pioneering designs, and elevating your functional training space to unparalleled heights. Let's join hands and transform your area into a functional fitness utopia.


The Power Rack Line by Naomi Fitness Design stands as a cornerstone in any gym, revered for its unparalleled adaptability. Its range of uses is vast, from bench presses to squats, while its customizable attributes make it a cherished asset for gym establishments.

Our selection spans from streamlined mini racks to expansive half racks with optional weightlifting platforms. Enhanced with safety catchers, diverse pull-up grips, and efficient plate storage, it's evident why it remains a preferred choice. For both gym enthusiasts and owners, we guarantee a supreme training journey.


Introducing CHAMELEON: the answer to an unbounded fitness experience. Why settle when you can pioneer? Its adaptive design facilitates endless possibilities, ushering in a new era of fitness innovation.

Concerned about accommodating everyone? Our premier CHAMELEON setup caters to 25 enthusiasts, with our grandest model designed for 40. Catering to all skill levels, it ensures everyone finds their fit. And envision this: extending this dynamic experience to the great outdoors. With CHAMELEON, even the sky isn't the ceiling. Outdoor adaptations? Absolutely possible.


NAOMI FITNESS DESIGN isn't just about indoor spaces; we're also your go-to experts for outdoor gym equipment. With our knack for creating tailor-made, unique experiences, imagine transforming any outdoor area into a fitness haven. Whether it's a park, a rooftop, or a backyard, we bring our signature touch of customization, innovation, and top-notch European standards.

We're all about making sure your outdoor fitness journey is nothing short of extraordinary. If you're ready to give your fitness club an outdoor edge, NAOMI FITNESS DESIGN has got your back. Dive into the fresh air and create some outdoor fitness magic together!


Each project is uniquely designed to cater to distinct needs, leading to a gym area that authentically mirrors your brand and accommodates your club members. Recognizing each client's individuality, we treat each project as a distinct canvas, ever eager to embrace and explore innovative visions.

Our commitment is to craft solutions that seamlessly merge with your strategic goals, specific needs, and budgetary frameworks. At Naomi Fitness Design, we excel in designing premium gym environments bespoke to your unique specifications and spatial dynamics.


A professional fitness equipment brand that has been steadily gaining recognition worldwide since 2010. Tiguar equipment is dedicated to users who value high quality and individual design. This brand continuously strives for excellence, offering products that are not only functional but also aesthetically refined.


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