Cube D200

Any composition of selected elements for exercises Presented example complex options on 4 post.

1a. Protruding Ladder (1x)
1b. Gymnastic Rings (1x)
1c. Abdominal Bench (1x)
1d. Torso (1x)
2a. J-Hooks (2x)
2b. Safty arms (2x)

3. Suspensions inside station – Adbominal Straps (1x)
4. Suspensions inside station – Grip Balls (1x)

Suggested additional accessories not included
in standard price:
1. Medicine Ball 1-10 kg
2. Kettlebells set 11 units (4-32 kg)
3. Power Band set 4 units
4. BTX Suspension Trainer 2 units
5. Aerosling XPE 1 unit
6. Revvll One – endles rope 1 unit
7. Bar 200cm 15kg 1 unit
8. Weight Plate 2 x2,5, 2 x5 kg, 1 x10 kg,
9. Battle Rope 1 unit (10m or 15m)

Cube Wall Mount

Fully Modular System that adapts to the environment of end user. CUBE spans the entire functional fitness model with vast array
of execises for beginner through advances. Several pre-configured wall mounted models available, to suit any spatial requirement .
Medular design to allow for virtually endless configuration. Fully customizable with generous amount of accesories included,
so that you can start your functional fitness experience right away, without futher expenditures.