Back Yard Cube S400

Back Yard Cube S400

Hand Cycle (1x)
Pull Up Bar (1x)
Plate Holder (2x)
target (1x)
target wall (1x)
legs holder (1x)
Pegs Road (1x)
DIP AB – Throne (1x)
vertical Ladder (1x)
Protruding Ladder (1x)
Gymnastic Rings (1x)
Abdominal Bench (1x)
shelves storage (4x)
legs holder (1x)
ball reactor (1x)
Multi Pull Up STATION
Pull Up Handles(1x)
Target (1x)
Safty Arms (2x)
Torso (1x)

Suggested additional accessories not included
in standard price:

BTX Suspension Trainer 2 units
Aerosling XPE 1 unit
Revvll One – endles rope 1 unit
Bar 200cm 15kg 1 unit
Weight Plate 2 x2,5, 2 x5 kg, 1 x10 kg,
Battle Rope 1 unit (10m or 15m)


Naomi Fitness Design is proud to introduce a brand new functional fitness rig line called the CUBE. The CUBE is a pioneering modular construction with an emphasis on maximizing the overall workout space, while providing the end user with the exhaustive benefits of functional fitness training.  The collective design of the CUBE is brawny and robust which implies strength, fortitude, and power. To ensure the users of total safety while working out, the CUBE utilizes thick support beams for added stability of the construction. The CUBE’S non-obtrusive design symbolizes an undiminished functionality, while seamlessly combining all the elements with aestheticism of modern day conception of what functional fitness should be.


Since the CUBE system is entirely modular, the dimensions of the rig can be freely and easily adjusted to any space requirements. The user can utilize one station bay, or add on virtually any amount of stations that is necessary to fill out the dedicated workout space. While CUBE’S emphasis is on suspension training, it is much more than just another body-weight training system. By utilizing a proprietary rotational hook system called “ROTO-HOOK”, placing them between stations, instead of directly on the stations- Naomi Fitness Design has managed to create a non-obstructive workout space for everyone. Now, you can run several types of exercise classes at side by side- for those that want to take advantage of TRX workout, as well as for those that want a fully functional workout regiment. Of course, nothing stands in the way of mixing it up and mingling both of the routines with one another.


The inclusion of the CUBE in your fitness facility will provide you with the ability to increase your customer base, boost your revenue, maximize your total workout space, and increase that “WOW” factor. The CUBE is brought to you by Naomi Fitness Design, the manufacturer of a well-known functional fitness multi-cage called the Chameleon. By partnering up with Naomi Fitness Design, you can be sure of getting a high-quality, no-nonsense product, without having to overpay. The key components, as well as all the accessories, are always included in one low price of the rig.