cube mini rack v3

Mini Rack from Naomi is that piece of equipment you may have in any place. It still very functional and the most power of this little one is space saving.
It's only 115 cm deep and on he's strong post's you still can have safety bars for dead lift's, how cool is that. It is ideal for small studios and large clubs where you can use it with or without weighlifting platform.

  1. Pull Up Bar (1x):
    • options:
      1. cycle (1x)
      2. pull up handles (1x)
  2. J-Hooks (2x)
  3. Safety arms (2x)
  4. Torso (2x)
    Suggested additional accessories not included in standard price:
  1. 220 cm Bar
  2. Bumper Plate Set of 160 kg
  • Dimensions: 204 x 320 x 240 cm
  • PLATFORMOak wood on maple plywood: Thick 30mm
    Rubber flooring straight edge tiles 50 x 50 cm, Thick 30mm
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