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GLOBAL FITNESS - is a tile made of 100% virgin PVC, it's ecological with "hammered" finishing. Thanks to its interlocking system, the installation is simple and don't requires adhesives. This tile is very strong and multipurpose. To ensure maximum resistance to wear the NaomiFlooring® tiles are treated with exclusive anti-scratch and stain resistant polish. GLOBAL FITNESS is available in various colors (see page ...), but for surface areas exceeding 100 square meters it's possible to request any RAL color. The tile is also customisable with graphics such as logos, functional path and signages.




Gyms and spa, multi-sport salt, schools and kindergartens, industry, sheds, warehouses, laboratories, workshops, offices, garages, shops, subway stations, airports, boats etc.




Material: PVC virgin, recycled, regenerated

Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 5 mm

Finishing: hammered puzzle

Weight: 6.08 kg/sqm

Customisable graphics



GLOBAL - is a tile made of 100% virgin PVC with "orange peel". Thanks to its interlocking system, the installation is simple and don't requires adhesives. Its considerable thickness makes it it very resistant also to the weights drop.



Gyms, schools and kindergartens, multi-sport salt, industry, sheds, warehouses, laboratories, workshops, garages, shops, subway stations, airports, boats etc.



Material: PVC virgin

Dimension: 500 x 500 x 6,7 mm

Weight: 8.8 kg/mq

Finishing: hammered


Customisable graphics



CROSSFIT - tile is loose lay and made of Recycled rubber Made in Italy. It's particularly resistant so it dampens weights drop and protects the below flooring. It's also certified ANTI TRAUMA according to standard EN1177 part 3, so it's perfect for outdoor and public areas for children and adults safety. It's available in 5 colors.



Gym for heavy activities, outdoor areas with furniture playgrounds for children, bicycle and pedestrian paths, etc.



Material: SBR (PFU)

Dimension: 500x500mm / 500x1000mm / 1000x1000mm Thickness: from 17 to 100mm

Weight: from 14,65 to 85,30kg/mq

Finishing: granular



LUXURY - is an heterogeneous PVC tile. It is easy and fast to install thanks to the interlocking system. It is available in 6 very elegant finishings: SLATE, RESIN, ANTHRACITE, MARBLE, GRANITE and REMAKE. Thanks to the high quality of the interlooking system, the joints becomes invisible and the result is uniform.



Domestic environment, commercial and residential areas, offices, showrooms etc.



Material: PVC

Dimension: 457 x 457 x 5 mm

Weight: 9,6 kg/mq

Finishing: smooth surface



ELEGANCE - is an interlocking loose lay tile. Installation is very simple thanks to the system with hidden joints. This tile combines the elegance of wood with the practicality and durability of PVC. If pasted becomes watertight. Thanks to its bottom layer in Cork is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Above all it's not affected by temperature variations, nor the consequences of moisture.



Commercial areas, residential, fitness, spa, offices, showroom etc.




Material: PVC/HDF/cork

Dimension: 900 x 300 x 10 mm

Weight: 9 kg/mq

Finishing: wood looking




Rubber - for a puzzle type rubber board. It is easy and fast in the system thanks to the locking system.


Fitness Puzzle mats for practical users:

- absorb the falls

- they protect the equipment against damage

- they thermally insulate


Black colour





Gyms, sports halls, industry, warehouses, workshops, garages, etc.



Material: Rubber

Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x (10 mm,16 mm, 30 mm)

Finishing: puzzle

Weight: 12 - 27 kg/sqm




LIVING - is a loose lay PVC tile. The Installation is simple and the result is elegant thanks to the hidden interlocking system. The LIVING is also TERMOSALBILE that makes sanitized the environment. For this reason it?s perfect for food environments and health.



Hospitals, laboratories, offices, shops, schools and kindergartens, gyms, sports clubs, etc.


Material: PVC virgin

Dimension: 500 x 500 x 4,5 mm

Weight: 6,4 kg/mq

Finishing: embossed




SPACE - is a simple and elegant tile for outdoor areas. It's easy to install thanks to the interlocking self laying system. It's draining and weatherproof. SPACE is composed by a bottom structure in PP and a surface in WPC. It 'available in two wood looking finishes.



Terraces, dehors, pool, gardens edge, etc.




Material: WPC

Dimension: 300 x 300 x 24 mm

Weight: 12,22 kg/mq

Finishing: wood looking





SWIMMING - is one of the best anti slip PVC tile: its perforated surface makes it self-draining and the walking surface is rised off the ground that allows the liquid pass through the holes and slide below. So it's perfect to be laid on areas in contact with the water. I's designed to make comfortable the walkway.



Swimming pools, dressing rooms, boats etc.



Material: plastic PVC

Dimension: 343 x 343 x 12 mm

Weight: 3.4 kg/mq

Finishing: antislip pimpled

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