tiguar fascia roller

tiguar fascia roller is a product distinguished by high hardness. Such rollers are designed for the advanced users and professionals who have vast experience in releasing the myofascial tense. The product is not intended for beginners.

tiguar fascia roller features smooth, cylindrical surface that makes it possible to release the myofascial tense of the large muscle groups, which results in their faster regeneration. This product can be used both before the training for the initial warm-up of the muscles as well as after the workout for releasing the myofascial tense. This roller will also find its application in medical and rehabilitation offices. This practical and visually attractive device has been created mainly for the personal use during individual and group training. It serves to self-massage that releases connective tissue and fascia.

  • Colors: 30/15 cm — black/grey — hard
  • Colors: 30/15 cm — black/white — medium
  • 12 month warranty
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