tiguar competition bar

High quality Olympic bar with a weight of 20 kg/15 kg, a length of 220 cm/201 cm and a maximum load capacity of 680 kg. Thanks to the grip diameter of 28 mm, the bar stays firm and stable in the hand. Its strength expressed in PSI ranges from 190,000 to 215,000 units. The bar has all hard chrome coating. In order to ensure the highest quality of use, in the construction of the bar we have placed eight wide needle bearings. Each of the tiguar bars has been equipped with markings informing users about the weight and size of the bar.

  • Dimensions: length: 220 cm (man), 201 cm (women) , diameter: 50 mm , grip diameter: 28 mm sleeve
  • coating: hard chrome
  • tensile strength: 190K-215K PSI
  • bearings: 8 needle bearings
  • 12 month warranty
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